Sports play an important role in the overall development of a child. The academic excellence is incomplete without a robust outdoor calendar that prepares the young minds to face the challenges head on and develop mental and physical alertness; and thus become highly productive individuals who can play a greater and crucial role in nation building. However, to maximize the positive benefits that sports have for children, a balance must be found that matches the child’s maturity, interests and skills with their sports participation.

Sports encourage teamwork and being part of a team might help your child learn to interact with peers in a positive way. Sports can help your child build self-confidence and build leaderships skills as well. In order to encourage the culture of sports in Hindu Sr. Sec School.

It is well known that children who participate in sports can also reap emotional benefits when they are given positive sporting role models and experiences. From sports children learn the value of practice and the challenge of competition, and these are lessons that can be applied to other non-sporting parts of their lives. Given the right examples, children can also use sports to create a healthy self-image.